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As we know every single person use computer for their personal and professional work. And we know while using internet we need security for our system whether its desktop or laptop. The best way to keep safe our system from virus or cyber threat is use of Best antivirus.

Internet Protection

What is Antivirus?

A antivirus is program which use to keep safe your system (Desktop or laptop) from viruses and cyber threat. There are list of antiviruses but few of them are best like:- Avast, AVG, Norton, K7 etc.

How to use Antivirus?

  • Points highlight to consider before buying any antivrius.
  • The purpose of antivirus like:- virus protection or cyber threat etc.
  • Which one cost suits your budget.
  • compatible with your system operating system.
  • Check reviews of customers for better understanding.

How to purchase and Install Antivirus into your system.

  • After finalizing antivirus, go to the official website of that antivirus. for example:- you have choose avg antivirus to buy than go to avg antivirus official website:-
  • Now to go the purchase page of antivirus
  • Read and select best plan for your need like: 6 month or for 1 year plan.
  • add to cart and make payment to fully purchased your favorite antivirus now.

Now you will have antivirus installation link with activation key. Start installing antivirus into your system.

  • double click on that download link.
  • Now you will have option to choose like: customized or default installation. you can go for default for easy installation.
  • Now you need to fill antivirus activation key which you got while purchasing antivirus.
  • After submitting activation key you have successfully activated security into your system.

Issue Comes with Antivirus

antivirus activation

While using antivirus you might face issue due to many reasons. Here is the list of few more common issues comes with antivirus.

  • Problem in Antivirus activation like: wrong activation key, expiry key etc.
  • Not working proper.
  • unable to remove virus from your system
  • conflict with your system firewall security like: windows firewall.